Month: July 2014

編按:在這篇原刊於德國 Suddeutsche 週末版(英、德兩語)的文章,Evan 講述主場新聞突然結業,令人更關心香港的新聞自由,以及日益增加的恐懼感。然而,主場新聞突然結業一事,可以看到政治光譜兩端的人也支持主場,令人相當吃驚, Evan 看到了希望:香港能夠團結一致守衛背後共同的價值。我們可能不同意大家的立場,但卻會尊重我們所有的權利去發表言論。 In this piece for Suddeutsche, which was carried in their weekend edition in both English and German, Evan reports on the closure of House News within the context of increasing concerns about press freedom in this city, as well as a growing sense of fear. However, in the reaction to […]