Month: August 2014

中文版本附於原文之後 編按:在這篇文章裏,方禮倫分享了他於八一七「反佔中」遊行中親身經歷的所見所聞,並將那批遊行人士跟他在七一為爭取民主之同路遊行人士相比。他發現兩個遊行的性質以及警方的應對截然不同。當中之弄虛作假,使他不禁扼腕長嘆。In this essay Evan shares his experience of being at the August 17th Anti-Occupy Central Demonstration and of the people saw and spoke to there, and compares them with those people he joined at the July 1st Pro-Democracy march. He notes the very different nature of the two demonstrations, as well as the police […]

You are going to ask: and where are the lilacs? So begins Pablo Neruda’s poem, I’m Explaining a Few Things. Harold Pinter described the poem as the most powerful literary representation of the bombing of civilians. But for me its power comes as much from this question as the brutal, personal and descriptive language the poet employed […]

編按:與葉劉淑儀在南華早報交流過後, Evan 提出了一個普遍人都犯謬誤:現在北京現時提供的民主改革水平,是英國未能給予的,而北京覺得這種民主應該是香港人期望的。他推測葉劉可能在回信時故意不提。 In a public exchange of letters with Regina Ip, Evan addresses a commonly stated fallacy that Britain’s failure to introduce the level of democratic reform now offered by Beijing should set the level of expectation among Hong Kong people. He speculates whether Mrs Ip may have deliberately missed the point in her […]

譯:Sally Kwok   英文原文刋於 SCMP, 4 Aug 2014 兩個禮拜前的星期六,我收到主場新聞一位編輯發來的信息,「暴風雨已來臨,你的寫作一定不能停止。」我上網查看,一向首先躍入眼簾的新聞版面已不復得見,只登載著一封蔡東豪留給讀者的告別信。主場新聞關閉了。 蔡東豪由「恐懼」開始寫起。他說香港在壓力和監控、到處瀰漫的白色恐怖下變了。他談到他常要去內地公幹,而過境時那恐懼感每況愈甚。不尋常地,他在恐懼的命題下提到了家人。