Born and raised in Hong Kong, Evan is a writer, essayist and commentator. He has written and been published on a broad range of topics, from art, literature and aesthetic, to social and political commentaries, with a particular focus on issues of culture and identity.

Evan has also written, adapted and directed several plays, including directing his own adaptation of Ariel Dorfman’s Speak Truth To Power for the Kennedy Centre, and is one of the few men to have directed a public performance of the Vagina monologues. His other interests include poetry, music, drawing and painting.

Since 2007 Evan has regularly interviewed a diverse range of families living in Hong Kong. It started as a personal need to better understand on a personal level the diverse communities and values, and the individual lives and relationships, that shape his home. These interviews, which are ongoing, have been a source of insight in to both how many people understand such concepts as education and values, but also how these understandings and values have changed. They have also been a reminder of that more human story that more empirical research often fails to represent.

In November 2014 Evan will be launching the Hong Kong Identity Project, an online resource to document and explore the changing facets of the Hong Kong identity.

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