Born and raised in Hong Kong to a Eurasian family, Evan has deep roots within the city. He is a writer, essayist and commentator on a broad range of topics, from art, culture and philosophy, to social and political commentaries. He has a particular interests in the history, culture and identity of his home.

He is co-founder and director of Hong Kong Free Press and a Research Fellow in Henry Jackson Society. A pioneer of sustainability messaging in the Asia-Pacific, prior to his relocation to the UK he had previously held multiple directorships in both the private and NGO sector, and between 2007 – 2015 ran the Hong Kong Identity Project. He was also the China representative for the Kennedy Center for Human Rights.

Evan’s areas of interest are contemporary Chinese identity and social-politics; Asian nationalism and national narratives; and East-West engagement. Given his roots he is particular drawn towards UK-Chinese relations. As an essayist and commentator, his work has been translated and published in 5 languages.

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