Born and raised in Hong Kong to a Eurasian family, Evan has deep roots within the city. He is a writer, essayist and commentator, and has been published in several languages on a broad range of topics, from art, culture and philosophy, to social and political commentaries. He has a particular interests in the history, culture and identity of his home.

Evan has also written, adapted and directed several plays, including writing and directing an adaptation of Ariel Dorfman’s Speak Truth To Power for the Kennedy Centre. He is also one of the few men to have directed a public performance of the Vagina monologues. He has also curated art exhibitions and continues to draw, which he finds as a means of exploration.

Between 2007 and 2015, Evan conducted regularly interviewed with Hong Kong families. What started as a need to better understand on a personal level the diverse communities and values, and the individual lives and relationships, that shape his home, became for a while the Hong Kong Identity Project, that has accumulated nearly 8000 individual entries as provides a record of the changing identity, expectations and values of a community.

Evan is a documenter and story teller. His world is his home.

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