Book review: Free Will by Sam Harris

The late Christopher Hitchens was once asked whether he believed in free will. His reply was classic Hitchens. “Well I have to say yes.”

Sam Harris, a friend of Hitchens, would no doubt have laughed approvingly. Whilst Harris may lack his friend’s witt and encyclodepic knowledge, he does have a focus and a sombriety that does add substance to the argument. His style is simple, engaging and unashamedly popular. What he lacks in detail and supporting argument he makes up with a tight focus on what is relevant to what he is proposing.

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Choral Music – A Celebration of the Spirit of Christmas

My earliest memories of Christmas are of being at my grandmother house in the UK. I remember sitting in what felt like a large, cold room. A sheepskin rug laid over the carpet and close to where two radiators met marked my territory. Here I would spend much of the day reading, drawing or constructing model aeroplane kits. An old clock would tick away the silence, counting down time in-between those arranged activities my father had prepared for me.

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