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Wind Mills Caught in a Storm

Occupy has politicised Hong Kong people. For a movement espousing the democratic ideal and fighting for democratic reform this is not a bad thing. Neither is it for the people of a city who may question the protesters’ tactics but not their political leaning. It’s sometimes easy to… Read More

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To The People On The Street

(編按:此為修訂版本,中文譯文於英文原文之下,由 Sally 提供) In the past week you have created hope where once there was resignation. In action and in spirit you have been a reflection of much that is good in the Hong Kong people. The world has watched in admiration. I have never… Read More

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Missing the Point on HK’s Colonial Relationship: An Exchange of Letters with Regina Ip

編按:與葉劉淑儀在南華早報交流過後, Evan 提出了一個普遍人都犯謬誤:現在北京現時提供的民主改革水平,是英國未能給予的,而北京覺得這種民主應該是香港人期望的。他推測葉劉可能在回信時故意不提。 In a public exchange of letters with Regina Ip, Evan addresses a commonly stated fallacy that Britain’s failure to introduce the level of democratic reform now offered by Beijing should set the level of expectation among Hong Kong people. He speculates whether… Read More