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(編按:Evan 在本文指,香港殖民地時期最後一住港督彭定康最近訪港,突出了我城管治情況有多大變化。他認為彭定康對批評和反對意見的尊重,以及建議多與民接觸,不應被視為一個驚喜。 Evan 最後提到,香港人要問的真正問題是,不斷分裂的社會底下正在影響政治時,林鄭是否被允許作出選擇呢?) In this essay, Evan argues how the recent visit of Hong Kong’s last governor Chris Patten highlights how much governance has changed in this city. He argues that Patten’s respect for criticism and opposing views, and his advice to engage with people, should not come as a surprise. He says the […]

This time everything was in order. Procedure had been followed. A court injunction had been posted, informing those who had illegally occupied Admiralty for 75 days that they were in violation of a court order and that they were required to clear the area. A day earlier the police had made it clear that bailiffs […]

Occupy has politicised Hong Kong people. For a movement espousing the democratic ideal and fighting for democratic reform this is not a bad thing. Neither is it for the people of a city who may question the protesters’ tactics but not their political leaning. It’s sometimes easy to forget that the anti-occupy Alliance proclaims to stand for democracy […]

(編按:此為修訂版本,中文譯文於英文原文之下,由 Sally 提供) In the past week you have created hope where once there was resignation. In action and in spirit you have been a reflection of much that is good in the Hong Kong people. The world has watched in admiration. I have never felt more proud of the people I feel privileged to […]

At a conference last Saturday I noted a common assumption among all the Mainland scholars who had come to speak, which was that Hong Kong has been granted a very special gift in the form of the Basic Law and in being allowed to be a Special Administrative Region. From this position it is not […]

In this article Evan highlights the difference between those in opposition and those in power. He argues that whilst radical antics may have value in opposition, such antics from the establishment reveal only intolerance and a sense of illegitimacy. Last week over dinner some friends light-heartedly accused me of double standards. Pointing out that whilst […]

Originally published in the SCMP, 17th September 2014 Your paper published on the 15th September a letter from Mark Peaker that claimed that the level of law enforcement in this city is “laughable” and this encouraged young people to take to the streets to protest (Enforcement of the Law Laughable – SCMP September 15th.) He […]