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The NPC Offer: The Reaction from Tamar and Beyond 人大方案:添馬集會的反思

按:原刊於 Asia Sentinel Monday ,英文原文在上,譯文在下。譯文由 Sally 提供。

“Like thousands of others, I’m disappointed by the harsh, narrow and restrictive terms of democracy offered by Beijing”, read the message, “so I joined the Tamar protest to call for greater democracy”.

Another friend wrote of “sharing the genuine disappointment everyone feels with Beijing’s offer”. Another sent me a photograph of the government posters calling on people to vote as “laughable”. What makes all these comments so surprising is that this is the private reaction of those who support the establishment position; people frightened by and who have been vocally against both Occupy Central with Love and Peace (OCLP) and the Pan-democrats.

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Occupy Central or the Alliance for Peace and Democracy: Who Has Polarised Hong Kong?

I recently caught up with an old friend who has spent the last 4 years in Shanghai. He and his family have recently relocated back to Hong Kong for work. “Hong Kong is not the same city we left,” he said. “There’s been a fundamental change.”

When I asked him what he meant, he told me how over a family dinner his brother-in-law had received an email from work ordering him to sign a petition. If he did not, the email threatened, he would lose his job. He signed the petition. “No one at dinner seemed bothered by what was said,” he said. “This is not the Hong Kong I know.”

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Missing the Point on HK’s Colonial Relationship: An Exchange of Letters with Regina Ip

編按:與葉劉淑儀在南華早報交流過後, Evan 提出了一個普遍人都犯謬誤:現在北京現時提供的民主改革水平,是英國未能給予的,而北京覺得這種民主應該是香港人期望的。他推測葉劉可能在回信時故意不提。
In a public exchange of letters with Regina Ip, Evan addresses a commonly stated fallacy that Britain’s failure to introduce the level of democratic reform now offered by Beijing should set the level of expectation among Hong Kong people. He speculates whether Mrs Ip may have deliberately missed the point in her reply.

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House News closure was no business as usual 恐懼的氣候

譯:Sally Kwok   英文原文刋於 SCMP, 4 Aug 2014



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Robert Chow’s Silent Majority – Neither Silent Nor a Majority

Last year I was at a gathering at which Robert Chow, founder of Silent Majority and the recently convened Alliance for Peace and Democracy, outlined his case against the Occupy Central Movement. He began by stressing that he agreed with the democrats wish for political reform, but that he believed that the threat of Occupy Central was confrontational and would only antagonise Beijing. However, from this point on he lost the plot.

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Don’t Underestimate New Media

Shortly after Chinese New Year the Civic Party hosted a senior media figure for a talk on press freedom in Hong Kong. During this talk, the issue of alternative news and media was raised, including the role and impact of House News on the local news and media scene. The speaker was adamant this “new media” was unimportant. Hong Kong is, he claimed, a community that is still both very well served and well represented by traditional media sources.

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