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編按:方禮倫在本文指,當年英國政府很可能不期望「中英聯合聲明」得到兌現,但仍執意與中國簽署聲明。 他認為,儘管看似無能為力,但英國有法律和道德上的義務維護聲明。為港發聲不僅可使英國在北京獲得更大的尊重,也表現出英國人的價值觀。 Evan writes that it was likely the British government knowingly signed the Joint Declaration with no expectation of the treaty being honoured. He argues that whilst Britain may seem powerless, it has a legal and moral obligation to call out a wrong. Doing so would not only likely earn Britain greater respect in […]

After pro-independence posters appeared at the Chinese University of Hong Kong last week, Joseph J.Y. Sung, acting in his capacity as Vice-Chancellor, sent an open letter to all students, staff and alumni of the university. In this extraordinary – and therefore one must presume significant – letter that was sent whilst he was “attending an academic conference overseas,” he writes: […]

【譯文由 Ben 提供】 按:本文以律政司司長袁國強及其他知名評論員的發言為例,道出現時建制內普遍存在的心態,就是對別人的批評指責往往不屑一顧,而不會設法解決問題。方禮倫希望大家更有耐心,力求和解,彼此尊重, 這樣才能彌合分歧,而不是凡事好走極端。英文原文在中文譯文之下。 In this essay, the comments of Secretary for Justice Rimsky Yuen and other high profile commentators are given as examples of a more general attitude within the establishment to be dismissive of criticism and negativity, rather than to address relevant points. Evan suggests a more patient, conciliatory and respectful approach […]

編按:方禮倫曾患嚴重抑鬱,掙扎兩年,差點死去,他在本文述說人與人之間的信任和破裂,也談及他在香港感到日漸失去自己的家園。他問前任特首梁振英,北京指「雨傘運動」受到外國勢力擺佈,但有拿出證據嗎?為什麼「一國兩制」竟滋生出本土派和愛國派的極端分子,抱著種族主義和仇外心理,好勇鬥狠?這些心態本不屬於他視之為家的香港。英文原文在中文譯文之下。 After a two year struggle with severe depression that very nearly ended his life, Evan writes of the break down in relationships and trust, and the sense of losing his home, Hong Kong. He asks the city’s former Chief Executive, CY Leung, where is the promised evidence of foreign interference that Beijing blames for […]

(編按:博客 Evan 在本文指出,張德江上周訪港的待遇以及其言行,均會令香港人感到不安,我們的政府可以變得更怪雞嗎? Evan writes that in the manner Zhang was received, and as much in the visual cues as in what was said, Hong Kong people have reason to feel unease. Has our government ever seemed more alien?) Zhang Dejiang’s inspection tour of Hong Kong highlighted the depth of disconnect that exists between Hong Kong […]

湯漢樞機以及天主教會以不容忍的態度與偏見,宣揚他們對同性戀關係和婚姻的理解,方禮倫認為,他們代表本性的腐敗。他敦促香港天主教社群,應更加高尚、更人性化地宣揚愛的訊息,這才是信仰的真義。譯文由 Alan Chiu 提供,英文原文在譯文之下。 By promoting an understanding of homosexual relationships and marriage based on intolerance and bigotry, Evan argues that it is Cardinal John Tong Hon and the Catholic Church who represent a corruption of nature. He urges the Catholic community in Hong Kong to find relevance in their faith through a more noble, […]