Occupy Central and the Umbrella Movement: a Reflection of Hong Kong 佔中與雨傘運動 — 反思香港局面

(編按: 3 年後的今日, Evan 反思佔中和雨傘運動帶來的改變,在本文他亦突顯香港凝聚的各種身份和價值觀。 展望未來, Evan 警告如果香港政府和中央繼續害怕人民講述真相,「河蟹」當年所發生的事情,那麼香港回歸祖國所建立的關係將會支離破碎,香港再次淪為移民、難民和帝國製造者的殖民地。)

3 years after the protests, Evan reflect on Occupy Central and the Umbrella Movement, and the way our reactions to it has come highlight the various identities and values that are together Hong Kong. Looking forward he warns that if our government and Beijing continues to fear the truth and to censor what happened, the relationships that have made Hong Kong home will be broken and it will regress to once again being a colony for immigrants, refugees and empire-builders.

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