"I'm explaining a few things."

Born and raised in Hong Kong, Evan Fowler is a writer, essayist and commentator. He has written and been published on a broad range of topics, from art, literature and aesthetic, to social and political commentaries, with a particular focus on issues of culture and identity.

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編按: 在本週的專欄, Evan 認為張曉明最近張曉明的「特首超然於行政、立法、司法三個機關之上」的言論,是挑戰我們建立「香港人身份」的框架。 「香港身份計劃 (HKIDP) 」由方禮倫創辦,是私人資助項目,旨在記錄、歸檔和探討各種關於香港身份的活動。譯文由 Alan Chiu 提供,英文原文在譯文之下。 In his weekly column on identity, Evan argues that hidden in Zhang Xiaoming’s recent comments on the separation of powers between the executive and judiciary is a challenge to the framework on which our identity as Hong Kong people is built. Evan Fowler is the […]

This time everything was in order. Procedure had been followed. A court injunction had been posted, informing those who had illegally occupied Admiralty for 75 days that they were in violation of a court order and that they were required to clear the area. A day earlier the police had made it clear that bailiffs […]

Occupy has politicised Hong Kong people. For a movement espousing the democratic ideal and fighting for democratic reform this is not a bad thing. Neither is it for the people of a city who may question the protesters’ tactics but not their political leaning. It’s sometimes easy to forget that the anti-occupy Alliance proclaims to stand for democracy […]